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Professional Translations

Translation Services

Notebook and Pen

Language Pairs and Rates

                       (19% VAT will be added to these rates.)

Spanish > Romanian

EUR 0.04/word

Romanian > Spanish

EUR 0.04/word

English > Romanian

EUR 0.04/word

Romanian > English

EUR 0.04/word

French > Romanian

EUR 0.4/word

Spanish < > English

EUR 0.07/word

Sworn translations are provided for the following language pairs:                            Spanish<>Romanian, French<>Romanian.

Professional translator

About Me

My name is Lavinia Pirlog and I hold a BA degree in Spanish and French Philology by the University of Bucharest, Romania.


I’ve been working as a professional translator since 1998 and can’t think of anything else that would give me the amount of satisfaction I get on a daily basis.

As an in-demand sworn translator, I am committed to providing the highest level of service by carrying out extensive research in order to make sure the original meaning, tone and intent is conveyed in the most accurate way possible.

Other services: data entry, audio transcription, video transcription, video captioning, customer service, media monitoring, MTPE (machine translation post-editing), subtitle translation.

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